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Are you hiring web developers?

As the US economy spins into a death spiral I unfortunately now know some highly skilled web developers (Python, Ruby, JavaScript, etc) in the Chicago area who are looking for work. And I mean highly skilled people whose ninja like qualities will be sorely missed. Most hiring budgets are probably frozen — at least until next year — but they will soon thaw. Those that thaw sooner will make space for big prizes of talent. I can make introductions over email or via Linked In.

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    Yes, we are, if they are willing to move to Portland.

    I'll contact you on LinkedIn, too.

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    Random suggestion... to tide them over? Plenty of stuff going round on there still it seems.

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    And more specifically

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    @Encolpe: hehe, another friend of mine was in that exact position at Lucas, building their CMS in Django. He did not get laid off though; he left because he wasn't happy with the project and environment at Lucas.

    That should not deter anyone from applying. They were personal reasons, another developer might feel different.

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